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Digital Audio Recording QUICK-GUIDE


This guide covers, in outline form, what is required to setup a Windows based digital studio, capable of recording CDs and DATs.

PC Requirements  
A reasonably fast PC
A digital soundcard
SP/DIF I/O (best)
The Gina from Event is very highly rated
SoundBlaster Live has known defects
more info about soundcards
more info about S/PDIF and AES/EBU
Digital Sources (record from)

Digital Sources may include: 

XLR connector 
no SCMS 
no DAT control codes(index, etc) 
RCA connector (coax)
TOS-link connector (optical)
passes SCMS (if present)
passes dat control codes) 
more info about S/PDIF and AES/EBU


Digital extraction from your computer's CD-ROM 
use EAC to extract
some drives, like Plextor, extract cleanly w/out using EAC 


MP3, yeah, but not lossless, so not for serious traders...ok for casual, not to be traded  


other digitized sources, such as Real-Audio
Digital Destinations (record to)

Digital Destinations include:

great for posting to the web, and sharing via email


DAT (via soundcard digital I/O)


CDR (internal to computer)


CDR (external: via soundcard digital I/O)


DDS (internal, in .shn format, as backup)


Hard-drive (intermediate staging between digital source and destination)


S/W Choices

cdwav: used to split a large chunk of music into smaller, individual wave files.

cool-edit-pro-se: general purpose music editor.  used to control recording from DAT to hard-drive

EAC: essential tool for reliable, accurate digital audio extraction of music from CDs

new cool-edit

sound-forge xp



Put it All Together--
Copying From DAT to CDR
cool-lead from dat
convert if necessary
cdwav to break out tracks
s/w to record cd

A Cure for Ticks

Editing out Ticks

Was that 44 or 48?

Useful Links



e-Mike's Setup

amd k6/2/400@450, 256Mb, 20Gb ide (10@7200), gina, adcom, hp8100, tascam da-20mk ii




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